Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SP#7: Unit Q Concept 2: Finding all trig functions when given one trig function and quadrant (using identities)

"This SP#7 was made in collaboration with Tracey P. Please visit the other awesome posts on their blog by going here."

Now, there is more than one way to find our answers and solve for the function, two are those that will be expressed throughout this post. We know that we can solve this using identities or by using SOH CAH TOA! So, the following pictures will display the solutions to the problems in both ways and using both methods. (: In the end we will find out how you get the same answers either way!

The first image will show and go over how to solve this function when using identities.

This second image will go over solving the function by using the wonderful SOH CAH TOA!  
In order to be able and understand this problem and be able to deal with it as you solve it, you have to be able to know the different types of identities and they should be able to mix and match and substitute several terms for others. Also, of course you have to know what SOH CAH TOA is and the ratios for each. Also, you should be familiar with all of the ratios and how there could be more than one. It can be difficult, but with practice everything will be fine. (:  

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